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Global Efforts for Peace

Toynbee-Ikeda Forum Held in Mexico

The Toynbee-Ikeda forum in Mexico. Photo by Seikyo Press.

On August 19, Soka Gakkai of Mexico (SGMex) hosted a forum at its center in Guadalajara to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first meeting between President Ikeda and British historian Arnold J. Toynbee. The forum took place in person and was connected with venues across the country online. Professor José Manuel Jurado Parres of the University of Guadalajara and President of the Alfonso García Robles Diplomatic Foundation Rafael Medina Martínez joined a panel discussion on the Ikeda-Toynbee dialogue Choose Life. Both speakers agreed that the dialogue is still relevant in highlighting issues that should be tackled in order to build a better society.

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