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Chicago, Ill.

A Homecoming to Remember

They wore masks and smiled with their eyes, greeting one another with elbow bumps and hearty waves. After an 18-month hiatus, the second phase reopening of SGI-USA Buddhist Centers saw hybrid September kosen-rufu gongyo meetings held in person and…

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Steve Saperstein at his office.

Practicing With Earnest Resolve

Living Buddhism: Steve, thank you for speaking with us. We’re interested in learning about how your Buddhist practice has helped you develop a successful and fulfilling career. Where should we start? Steve Saperstein: How about New York’s bustling Penn Station….

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In Image: Photo by Deepanjan Das.
Students studying

Study for the Sake of Others

For what purpose do we receive an education? Ikeda Sensei states in volume 15 of The New Human Revolution: “Academic study and achievements are not merely to be tools for personal advancement. They should be used in the pursuit of…

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To My Friends

“[They] are themselves the
Thus Come One Many Treasures.”(*)
Our elderly, senior members are
witnesses to the truth of the Mystic Law!
With pride in these remarkable “fathers
and mothers,” let’s engage in dialogue
brimming with conviction to share the
humanistic philosophy and ideals of
Nichiren Buddhism for the sake of
realizing a truly peaceful and flourishing
society for all!

(*) “On the Treasure Tower,” WND 1, 299

Tentative translation of “Words of the Week” published in the Seikyo Shimbun, based on President Ikeda’s recent guidance.

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SGI-USA Launches Buddhability

The SGI-USA is excited to announce a new platform specifically for youth and guests called Buddhability! The digital ecosystem features a website, weekly podcast, videos, social channels and more.

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The SGI-USA publishes books that apply the wisdom of Buddhism to daily life and introduce people to the practice of Nichiren Buddhism.

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