ORG-116 Future Division Statistics Initiatives Toward November 18th (PDF) ORG-115 Best Practices for Zoom Meetings (PDF) ORG-114 2020 Sustaining Contribution Promotion (PDF) ORG-113 Oct 4 60th Anniversary Celebration Experiences and Videos (PDF) ORG-111 National Student Division Virtual Conference Oct 24 (PDF) ORG-109 Last Day of 2020 Activities (PDF) ORG-108 2020 Soka Victory District Information (PDF) ORG-106 Virtual Conference Hosted by SGI-USA Military Active Duty and Veterans Group (PDF) ORG-106 Virtual Conference Hosted by SGI-USA Military Active Duty and Veterans Group (PDF) ORG-105 Welcome to Buddhability-SGI-USA’s New Digital Ecosystem (PDF) ORG-104 Blind and Low Vision Audio Aid Line (PDF) ORG-103 Guidelines on Photographing Copying or Downloading Images of the Gohonzon (PDF) ORG-096 Policy on Members Attending Virtual SGI-USA Activities in Different Organizations (PDF) ORG-086 Key Points for Leaders on Zoom (PDF) ORG-083 Sensei’s Message-August Men’s Division General Meetings (PDF) ORG-080 Message Commemorating Young Men’s Division Founding Day (PDF) ORG-076 Message Commemorating Young Women’s Division Founding Day (PDF) ORG-073 Gohonzon Policy for Current Members Only During COVID-19 (PDF) ORG-065 New Online Bookstore Launch (PDF) ORG-062 Ikeda Sensei’s Message for June Future Division Activities (PDF) ORG-061 Cancellation of FNCC Conferences 2020 (PDF) ORG-059 June Future Division Statistics Initiatives (PDF) ORG-056 Conducting Virtual Memorial Services During COVID-19 (PDF) ORG-055 SGI-USA Celebrates Future Division Month in June (PDF) ORG-052 Temporary Halt of Online Gohonzon Application Due to COVID-19 (PDF) ORG-051 May Contribution Promotion at May Discussion Meetings (PDF) ORG-050 SGI-USA Online Bookstore Operations During COVID-19 (PDF) ORG-049 UPDATE 3 Sending Memos to Ikeda Sensei During COVID-19 (PDF) ORG-046 District Guest List Tool in SGI-USA Member Portal (PDF) ORG-044 No Recording of Online Activities (PDF) ORG-035 Ceasing All Activities Until Further Notice-Update 5 (PDF) ORG-033 Cancellation of JHHS Conference at SUA Due to Coronavirus (PDF) ORG-032 SGI President Ikeda’s Encouragement Become Pioneers of a Better Age (PDF) ORG-031 Ceasing All Home Visits Due to Coronavirus Pandemic-Update 4 (PDF) ORG-030 Canceling Activities Due to Coronavirus Situation Update 3 (PDF) ORG-029 Canceling Activities Due to Coronavirus Situation Update 2 (PDF) ORG-027 Sensei’s Message for the March Chapter Youth Discussion Meetings (PDF) ORG-026 FNCC Conference Cancellations through the end of May (PDF) ORG-025 Canceling Activities Due to Coronavirus Situation (PDF) ORG-023 Mrs Kaneko Ikeda’s 2020 Message 4 Languages (PDF) ORG-021 Monitoring the Coronavirus Situation (PDF) ORG-009 JHHS Conference at SUA June 26–29 2020 (PDF) ORG-002 Champions of Peace and Happiness Group 3rd Class 2020-2021 (PDF)