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The great Soka Gakkai tradition of the district discussion meeting is the place where the Buddha’s wish—that all people become equal to the Buddha without distinction between them—comes to life. SGI President Ikeda writes: “In today’s world, where developing real human relationships seems to be growing more difficult, our discussion meetings are beautiful, almost miraculous, gatherings of joy and harmony. Each meeting is a truly precious part of our Buddhist practice” (October 2018 Living Buddhism, p. 5). In this District Meeting Toolbox, you’ll find important resources on the core principles of the district discussion meeting. Please scroll down for various categories on preparing for and holding joyful discussion meetings.

Making it Fun!


“The person who prepares in advance has the advantage. To succeed, we must make preparations with all our might and in the way that best suits each of us. No one can match a person who is prepared and who is determined to win.” — SGI Pres. Ikeda, from the April 8, 2016 World Tribune, p.3


Our discussion meetings, humble as they may at times seem, take on profound significance as present-day manifestations of the Ceremony in the Air.


“People who share their experiences brim with joy and energy. That feeling communicates to everyone else, and the joy spreads until the entire meeting becomes positive and vibrant” (The New Human Revolution, vol. 18, p. 256).

  • Tyler Young Experience
  • Eric Kunimoto Experience
  • Tatiana Lee Experience
  • Aleali May Experience
  • Larry Singer Experience
  • Gisell and Kaila Experience

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“As disciples, it’s not enough that we simply read Nichiren Daishonin’s writings or our mentor’s guidance in quiet solitude. We should have the spirit to gather together in one place with our fellow practitioners… And by joining together with others to study Nichiren’s writings and our mentor’s guidance, we can summon forth lionlike courage to undertake the task of actualizing the great vow of kosen-rufu.” — SGI Pres. Ikeda from Oct. 2, 2010, World Tribune, p. 28


Discussion meetings are a microcosm of world peace, a place where all can join together in joyful harmony, transcending differences of age, gender, social status, nationality and race.

“It is also my unceasing prayer and wish that a joyous song of happiness and victory will resound in the lives of each one of you, my fellow members everywhere.” — SGI Pres. Ikeda, Feb 19, 2016 World Tribune, p.2

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