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Update on the Wildfires in Hawai‘i

The SGI-USA National team extends its deepest gratitude to members throughout the country who have been sending daimoku to the members in Maui, the site of the deadliest U.S. wildfires in a century.

While the World Tribune will carry an article on relief efforts in an upcoming issue, we’d like to outline some new developments here:

  • The Treasured Island Region team began outreach efforts immediately following the wildfires to confirm the safety and well-being of Lahaina District members. As of Aug. 16, 70% of the members have been located and confirmed as safe. The team is continuing its outreach efforts, which remain difficult amid Lahaina’s dismantled infrastructure.
  • The SGI-USA Maui Buddhist Center, located 24 miles to the east in Wailuku, remains undamaged and has been open daily for members to chant and receive free supplies, including water, dry goods and battery-powered mobile phone chargers provided by the SGI-USA.
  • On Aug. 13, the first Soka 2030 following the wildfires was held at the center, with 19 members and guests uniting in daimoku for the safety and recovery of the people and their island. The meeting was followed by a Soka Family Day with seven future division members, precious successors of their island.
  • Throughout August, Pacific Zone members are chanting united daimoku from their homes for Maui’s recovery anytime between 6–8 a.m. and 5–7 p.m, while the Maui Buddhist Center is open from 10 a.m.–12 p.m. for chanting.
  • In the meantime, Pacific Zone leaders will continue traveling to the island to deliver additional supplies and offer essential support.
  • The spirit of the members may be best expressed in a message one young woman wrote on a white T-shirt. On the back, she put: I am not a victim. I am a disciple of Sensei.” On the front: “Lahaina. Nam-myoho-renge-kyo.”

We ask for everyone’s continual prayers for the people of Maui and the island of Hawai‘i. Thank you again for your concern and warm support.


SGI-USA National Team

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