Featured Image: SGI-USA youth division representatives at the Osaka City Central Public Hall (Nakanoshima Civic Hall), in Nakanoshima, Osaka. (February 4, 2018)
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A November to Remember

Check out the new “Discussion Meeting Toolbox” filled with ideas to revolutionize your district discussion meeting! The Soka Gakkai tradition of the district discussion meeting is the place where the great wish of the Buddha—that all people become…

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Finally Admiring the “Moon Over the Capital”

How I found happiness again after the devastating loss of a child. by Florence Ndi Baltimore A year into my Buddhist practice, I learned that I was pregnant with my third child, a dream come true. This joy…

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Human Revolution Is a Struggle With Ourselves

This guidance is from SGI President Ikeda’s book The Wisdom for Creating Happiness and Peace, part 2, pp. 54–58. I would like to discuss the assertion that Buddhism is about winning. My mentor, President Toda, who often gave…

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To My Friends

Nichiren Daishonin says, “You should respect
one another as [you would a Buddha]”(*)
Let’s hold discussion meetings overflowing with joy,
applauding and congratulating one another on
our valiant efforts throughout the year.
Let’s remember to thank the family that has
volunteered the venue for our gathering and
then set forth toward 2019, the “Year of Victory”!

(*)”The Fourteen Slanders,” (WND-I, p. 757)

[Note: Monday will be a press holiday.]
Tentative translation of “Words of the Week” published in the Seikyo
Shimbun, based on President Ikeda’s recent guidance.

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Video: What Is The Biggest Problem In The World Today?

Our 50,000 Lions of Justice festival reporter goes to Williamsburg, Brooklyn to ask.

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