May Commemorative Contribution: April 28 to June 4, 2017

Full of Appreciation

How Kazu and Teruko Iizuka’s heart of appreciation changed every aspect of their lives. by Kazu and Teruko Iizuka BROOKLYN, N.Y. World Tribune: Thank you for sharing your experience with…

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May Commemorative Contribution: April 28 to June 4, 2017

Expanding Our Movement to Create a Powerful Force for Good

Members’ contributions support encouraging special events, Buddhist Centers and other programs and activities throughout the country to build and strengthen our movement for peace.

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In Image: West Territory, El Camino College

“Let’s Dare to Become Absolutely Happy!”

Some 1,500 “Suns of the New Era” advance toward 2018. April 29–30—A palpable sense of empowerment, hope and courage swept across West Territory, as some 1,500 “Suns of the New…

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To My Friends

No matter what hardships
or sorrows you may be experiencing,
they will become catalysts for
cultivating a great life force.
Determine to yourself,
“I will transform my karma!”
Let’s resolutely carry out this vow
and lead lives of resounding victory!

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Buddhist in America-Gisell & Kaila

Gisell and her daughter Kaila, share how their Buddhist practice allowed them to create a victorious, harmonious family.

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