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5 Quotes on Empowerment by SGI President Daisaku Ikeda

1. A great human revolution in the life of one person can change the destiny of humankind and our planet.(Ikedaquotes.org) Photo: iStockphoto / furtaev. 2. We should never decide that…

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Creating a Force for Peace Where We Live

Youth are the treasure of humanity. Youth are the champions of justice. Youth are the hope of the future. With these words, SGI President Ikeda shared in his New Year’s…

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My Greatest Ability

Facing a terminal illness with her Buddhist practice, Nat Coll learns how to truly live. by Nat Coll COSTA MESA, CALIF. At 13, I was diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus,…

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To My Friends

If we manifest courage,
everything will become enjoyable.
We will be able to win against all!
Let’s continue to chant daimoku
and spend each day exerting ourselves
bravely and assiduously!

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Buddhist in America-Gisell & Kaila

Gisell and her daughter Kaila, share how their Buddhist practice allowed them to create a victorious, harmonious family.

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