SGI-USA Responds to St. Paul, Baton Rouge and Dallas Shootings

We are troubled and deeply saddened by the shootings and tragic loss of life that has occurred in recent days in St. Paul, Minnesota; Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Dallas, Texas….

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Buddhist in America- Michelle Riofrio

Buddhist in America- Michelle Riofrio  

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With Appreciation Comes Happiness

By Leonides Arpon Brooklyn, N.Y. My parents left the Philippines for better work opportunities in Israel, and although I was born and raised there, the law denied me citizenship. Because…

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To My Friends

Let’s share our joy and conviction
of faith with those who will
follow in our footsteps!
One who fosters others into
individuals even more capable
than oneself is truly a person
of ability.
Let’s invigorate the mighty
flow of kosen-rufu!

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Buddhist in America-Jimmy Anicet

As a child, Jimmy Anicet was nicknamed “the mute,” as he struggled to find the confidence to speak out, especially for what he believed in. In this video, Jimmy, of Boston, shares how his Buddhist practice helped him find the courage to become a stand-up comedian who speaks out to encourage others.

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