Top 3 Buddhist Ways to Handle Stress

How important are positive emotions in the struggle between health and illness? Is there scientific evidence that corresponds with the teachings of Buddhism?There is in fact a growing mountain of evidence supporting Buddhism and the importance of nurturing…

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The Spirit to Serve Others by Brandon Nicholson

Growing up, Oakland Children’s Hospital was my second home. As a baby, I experienced the first of 22 ear infections, which required multiple surgeries. At age 2, I developed seizures after my mom and I were broadsided in a car accident. I took seizure…

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Bullying Reflects Problems in Adult Society

By Daisaku Ikeda (The Japan Times, Feb. 8, 2007) From a 12-part essay series by Daisaku Ikeda carried in The Japan Times, a leading English-language daily published in Japan, from May 2006 through April 2007. Disturbing incidents of bullying continue…

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