“Create a Towering Self”

“By fighting to overcome great difficulties, we can thoroughly polish our lives and create a towering self. Therein lies true peace and happiness.” -Daisaku Ikeda   From The Wisdom of the Lotus Sutra Volume 3, page 189 Wisdom…

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Passionate Seeking Spirit: From the October 17th World Tribune

On a Introductory Exam Session SGI President Daisaku Ikeda attended: “It was evident how hard all of them had studied for this day. How noble they were! Here were ordinary people— neither scholars nor priests —taking time out…

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To My Friends

Construction requires arduous struggle
while destruction comes in but a moment.
Cast aside negligence and arrogance!
The wisdom and courage of the Buddha
wells up in the life of a person who
forever strives in faith.


A Mission of the Heart by Jay Lutsky

For years, I struggled with understanding my mission in life. I was raised Jewish in New York City, where there was strong familial pressure to become a doctor or dentist. Without too much resistance, I went to dental school…

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Buddhist Concept: Changing Karma Into Mission

No one can avoid difficulties or problems. Buddhism encourages us to build happiness in the midst of reality, to grow, improve and become stronger while facing life’s challenges. Nichiren Buddhism enables us to change every aspect of our…

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