To My Friends

Let’s express our utmost respect
and appreciation to our treasured
friends who contribute to their
communities and society as a whole.
In Buddhism, it is our behavior as
human beings that matters.
Let’s spread friendship and trust
with sincerity and cheerful enthusiasm.


“You are the Playwright of your Own Victory”

You are the playwright of your own victory. You are also the play’s hero. Shakespeare wrote,“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players”(As You Like It, act II, Scene vii, line 139) Buddhism…

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Discovering a Life of Appreciation and Joy by Marc Giannavola

A year ago, you could have described me as negative, standoffish and generally unhappy. Though I hadn’t experienced any serious hardships in life, I lacked appreciation for everything and everyone around me. My attitude caused me to be…

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To My Friends

The essence of fostering
capable individuals is to
continue studying together and
encouraging one another.
Today again, let’s hasten to the
side of our friends!

To My Friends

Let’s challenge our goals with
tenacious determination!
Ceaseless efforts lead to
personal development and
fresh creativity!

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