Song: A Revolution in You (Remix)

A Revolution in You is the anthem for Our New Clear Future, SGI-USA’s campaign to abolish nuclear weapons by 2030. Recently a group of young artists remixed the song for the dynamic March Youth Peace Expos, that took place…

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Real Life: “I Get Easily Distracted When I’m Chanting. What Should I Do?”

Q. I get easily distracted when I’m chanting. What should I do? A. SGI President Ikeda responds to this question, saying: “Because we are human, it’s natural for our minds to wander, for all sorts of thoughts and…

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To My Friends

Proud members of Tokaido(*)
who gaze upon the majestic Mt. Fuji–
Hold high the banner of justice and truth
and boldly give a lion’s roar!
Together, let’s ensure the resounding
victory of the people!

(*) In the Soka Gakkai organization, the Tokaido Region comprises Kanagawa and Shizuoka prefectures.

To My Friends

Speak with courage.
Wholeheartedly encourage friends.
Remember, “The voice carries out
the work of the Buddha.”(*)
Let’s accumulate wins one day
at a time and greet May 3rd,
Soka Gakkai Day with great victory!

(*)”Nam-myoho-renge-kyo” chapter, The Record of the Orally Transmitted Teachings, page 4


You are the Playwright of your own Victory

You are the playwright of your own victory. You are also the play’s hero…Buddhism teaches us that the individual writes and performs the script for his or her own life. Neither chance nor a divine being writes the…

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