Courage Group Support

How Region-up Leaders Should Support The Courage Group:

  • Provide study references or support when asked by Courage Group members in the course of preparing presentations;
  • Select, edit and ensure the quality of the themed faith experiences to be presented
  • Attend the quarterly meetings, but sitting in the back of the room without participating unless asked to do so (i.e., allowing Courage Group members to have priority and participate freely).
  • Keep track of attendance of Courage Group members at each of the quarterly meetings.
  • Chant Daimoku for the success of the activity - that each Courage Group member will be inspired and grow into a capable and committed leader for kosen-rufu.

Other Points

  1. Once Courage Group members are selected, they will be provided with the first quarter of the Courage Group Manual (pdf), which contains all study materials for the first quarter as well as other pertinent information that everyone should review at the first local Courage Group meeting.
  2. When possible, incorporate guidance and encouragement shared by Sensei at or about that Group's local area to give those Courage Group members a sense of pride and understanding about the kosen-rufu efforts that have been made in their own community.
  3. Courage Group "alumni" from previous years are encouraged to attend the fourth quarterly meeting and graduation ceremony.
  4. Graduation certificates featuring the Courage Group logo and motto will be provided by SGI-USA.
  5. In order to graduate from the Courage Group and receive a graduation certificate, each participant must attend three of the four Zone meetings and six of the eight Region meetings.
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