Courage Group Meetings

Duration and Frequency of Meetings

  • Duration including Gongyo and Daimoku:  60-90 minutes
  • Frequency:  Monthly Region meetings and Quarterly Zone meetings.  Additional chanting, study and preparatory meetings can be held as local organizations feel appropriate.  Presenters are strongly recommended to gather, practice and edit to prepare their presentations prior to the formal quarterly meetings, seeking advice and guidance from their seniors.
  • The final quarterly meeting should include a graduation ceremony.

Model Agenda for Courage Group Quarterly Meetings (90‐120 minutes):

  • Gongyo and Daimoku (20 minutes)
  • Opening words of encouragement (5 minutes)
  • Presentations prepared by local Courage Group members covering the current quarterly topic (20 minutes)
  • One to two well‐prepared experiences related to the quarterly topic selected for that meeting – preparation to be supported by Region‐up Men’s Division leaders (7 minutes)
  • Discussion and Q & A. Each member should prepare one thoroughly thought‐out response to the materials based on the theme (20 minutes)
  • Guest Leader to wrap up the meeting.  (20 minutes)

For a 120 minute meeting, an additional experience may be added and the discussion and Q & A portion of the meeting may be extended.

Additional preparation materials: