To My Friends

Nichiren Daishonin stated,
“[The greater the hardships
befalling him,] the greater the delight
he feels, because of his strong faith.”(*)
Hardships are the force for progress!
Every day, let’s break through
our personal limitations and
advance in high spirits!

To My Friends

The examination on the philosophy
of Nichiren Buddhism sparks our
seeking spirit for truth.
The Daishonin encourages us to
“Exert yourself in the two ways
of practice and study.”(*)
Let’s study together and grow together,
and let’s all become winners in faith!

(*)”The True Aspect of All Phenomena,” WND I, p. 386

To My Friends

Let’s endeavor to create
bonds of friendship and trust
beginning with those nearest to
us, such as our close neighbors.
Through daily prayers and actions,
let’s transform our communities
into realms of happiness!


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