Revolution in You-Music Video

“Revolution in You” is SGI-USA’s anthem for the abolition of nuclear weapons.

“Let us abandon the habit of studiously ignoring the menace posed to Earth by nuclear weapons and instead demonstrate – clearly and through the power of people – that  a world without nuclear weapons can indeed be realized in our lifetimes.” Daisaku Ikeda, Building a Global Solidarity Toward Nuclear Abolition.


Buddhism respects life-all life. Based on this principal, the Soka Gakkai International wholeheartedly supports the abolition of nuclear weapons. In 2011, SGI-USA youth launched Our New Clear Future campaign to raise awareness about this critical issue and to help build consensus in America toward abolishing these weapons forever.


Our History:

In 1957, second Soka Gakkai President Josei Toda made a public declaration- that all nuclear weapons be outlawed. Heeding his call, the SGI has made the abolition of nuclear weapons a prime objective for more than 50 years.


To raise awareness the SGI has initiated a number of projects including exhibitions such as “From a Culture of Violence to a Culture of Peace: Transforming the Human Spirit” and “Everything You Treasure – For a World Free From Nuclear Weapons,” as well as petition drives, and the “People’s Decade for Nuclear Abolition” campaign.


What Can You Do?


Educate Yourself. Become familiar with the issue. A great start is Soka Gakkai International’s People’s Decade Page:


Reading Materials


A Forum For Peace: Daisaku Ikeda’s Proposals to the UN


A Quest for Global Peace: A Dialogue with Daisaku Ikeda and Sir Joseph Rotblat


Choose Hope: A Dialogue with Daisaku Ikeda and David Krieger

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