Real Life: “I Get Easily Distracted When I’m Chanting. What Should I Do?”

Q. I get easily distracted when I’m chanting. What should I do?

A. SGI President Ikeda responds to this question, saying: “Because we are human, it’s natural for our minds to wander, for all sorts of thoughts and memories to surface. You can just share all those thoughts with the Gohonzon. There is no set form or pattern for how we should pray. Buddhism speaks of being ‘uncreated’ and ‘unadorned.’ In other words, it emphasizes being natural. Therefore, simply chant earnestly and without pretense, just as you are. In time, as your faith develops, you’ll find it easier to focus your mind when you chant.” (Discussions on Youth, new edition, p. 224).


October 17th,2014.  Living Buddhism

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