To My Friends

Daimoku is a powerful lion’s roar.
Brimming with life force,
conquer and defeat the
devil of illness!
Let’s vibrantly and wisely
spend each day creating

(*)Mon. Nov. 9, 2015, is a press holiday.

To My Friends

The Daishonin admonishes,
“Life is limited; we must
not begrudge it.”(*)
The present will never
come again.
Therefore, let’s exert ourselves
with all our might and triumph!
Let’s leave behind no regrets!

(*)”Aspiration for the Buddha Land,” p. 214

To My Friends

Let’s do our best to keep
every promise we make,
no matter how small,
and respond with great sincerity.
The trust and confidence of others
are invaluable treasures.

To My Friends

Let’s treasure each person.
This is the quintessence of all.
Let’s greet those who gather
for the discussion meeting
with deep regard and with
“the same respect [one]
would a Buddha.”(*)

(*)”The Fourteen Slanders,” WND 1 p. 757
(phrase from Chapter 28 of the Lotus Sutra: You should rise and greet
him from afar, showing him the same respect you would a Buddha.”)

To My Friends

Earnest effort will create
fresh groundswells.
One serious and determined
individual can open the
door to victory.
Stand up and take
action yourself!

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