To My Friends

“The voice carries out
the work of the Buddha.”(*)
Words spoken with sincerity
will reach our friends’ hearts
without fail.
Our passionate call, brimming
with courage and truth, will
contribute to the flourishing
of our communities.

(*)”Nam-myoho-renge-kyo” chapter, THE RECORD OF THE ORALLY TRANSMITTED

To My Friends

The district men’s and women’s leaders
are responsible for the happiness of
their communities.
Raise high the banner of Nichiren Buddhism
toward the creation of a peaceful and
prosperous society in our main bastion!
Our efforts to carry out our vow and show actual
proof will open the future path of Soka without fail!

To My Friends

To manifest unsurpassed

strength and power when

undergoing the greatest hardship

is the heart of the SGI spirit!

With daimoku brimming with

conviction, courageously carry

out your human revolution!

To My Friends

Our earnest prayer in the morning
is the driving force for creating value.
Let’s start the day dynamically,
with the determination to create
one week’s worth, ten days’ worth
of value in a single day!

To My Friends

Vice level leaders who shoulder a
deep mission to open the
path to unity and victory–
the time has come to manifest
your genuine abilities more than ever!
Create an ideal realm for kosen-rufu
in the main bastion of activities
with the same commitment as
the leader!

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