To My Friends

The most significant victory
is winning over yourself.
Today, let’s thoroughly live
without regrets, taking
even one step forward!

To My Friends

Guard against influenza!
Rigorously observe preventative
measures such as washing your
hands, gargling, using a humidifier
and wearing surgical masks(*).
Based on strong prayer, let’s
wisely achieve good health!

(*)In Japan and some other densely populated Asian countries, it is social etiquette to wear a surgical mask when one has a cold or flu to prevent spreading the virus. It is also worn to keep from catching cold or the flu.

To My Friends

The dynamic development of
our district begins with satisfying
and fruitful planning meetings.
Let’s value everyone’s opinions,
focus on the main points and
use our time effectively.

To My Friends

In dialogue, the first step is to have the courage
to open up and engage someone in a
heart-to-heart discussion.
Remember that “words echo the thoughts of the
mind and find expression through the voice.”(*)
Speak with courage and sincerity!

(*)WND-2, 843


To My Friends

The true value of faith lies in
one’s “behavior as a human being.”(*)
Let’s boldly lead contributive lives
for the sake of friends and for the
sake of society.
Let’s all become pillars of trust
in our local communities!

“Treasures of the Heart,” WND I, p. 852

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