To My Friends

Let’s take to heart the Daishonin’s words,
“This is my vow, and I will never forsake it!”(*)
A vow becomes genuine when it is carried out.
Let’s absolutely achieve success through
resolute prayer and action!

(*)”Opening of the Eyes, Part Two,” WND I p. 281

To My Friends

If we take to heart the Daishonin’s words
“But still I am not discouraged”(*)
and stand back up no matter how
many times we falter, we can
accomplish our human revolution.
With undaunted courage, let’s boldly
and widely engage in dialogue
infused with justice and truth!

(*)”The Essentials for Attaining Buddhahood,” WND I, p. 748.

To My Friends

Faith is another word for action.
The more we take action for
the sake of kosen-rufu, the
more we can cultivate friendships
and develop our life condition.
Today, too, let’s spiritedly go to our
friends with lighthearted steps.

To My Friends

Be cheerful and fearless,
especially when things are tough!
If you pray and advance boldly,
even adversity will become a tailwind
to push you forward.
Let’s play out a drama of challenge
and inspiration!

To My Friends

Remember, no other strategy
surpasses the Lotus Sutra.
The Daishonin states,
“You must raise your voice all the
more and admonish [wrongs].” (*)
Brimming with courage, let’s wholly
engage ourselves in dialogue with others.
Such efforts herald triumph.

(*)”Kamatari Suggests the Fashioning of a Buddha Image,” WND II, p. 597

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