To My Friends

Spring, a time for engaging in dialogue,
has arrived!
Let’s pray for the person’s happiness
and speak passionately, from the heart.
Let’s share the humanistic philosophy of
Nichiren Buddhism to the best of our ability,
without sparing our voices.(*)

(*)”This teaching has never been taught before. Here in the entire land of Jambudvipa [the entire world], in all the 2,225 years since the passing of the Buddha, not a single person chanted it. Nichiren alone, without sparing his voice, now chants Nam-myoho-renge-kyo,
Nam-myoho- renge-kyo.” (“On Repaying Debts of Gratitude,” WND-1, p. 739)

To My Friends

Buddhism teaches principle of
“cherry, plum, peach and damson blossoms,”
which elucidates the unique diversity and
beauty of all living entities.
There is no need to compare yourself
to others.
Don’t be impatient–advance steadily!
Always be true to yourself and
bring to blossom your mission in life!

To My Friends

Be the first to go to the place that
is undergoing the most difficulty!
Be the first to encourage and inspire
those who are suffering the most!
Alacrity is the wellspring of trust!

To My Friends

To our senior retired men’s division members(*),
who brim with seeking spirit and wisdom
throughout their lifetime–
thank you, always, for your efforts!
Now, more than ever, let’s write a golden history
of our personal lives together!

(*)Taiyo-kai=”Sun Group”; Kanto-kai=”Fighting Spirit Group.” In Japan, these groups consist of senior retired men, 60 years and older, who are able to participate in daytime activities.

To My Friends

Let’s wholeheartedly encourage
friends who are fighting illness,
and their family members who
are supporting them.
Let’s chant daimoku together with
the great conviction that
“myo (mystic) means to revive.”(*)
With faith, let’s lead long and healthy lives!

(*)”The Daimoku of the Lotus Sutra,” WND I, p. 149
“Myo means to revive, that is, to return to life.”

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