To My Friends

An organization of members
who get along on good terms
with one another brims
with joy and vitality.
Let’s praise and encourage
one another and advance
along the great path of happiness!

To My Friends


Don’t catch cold!

Let’s make a habit of washing

our hands and gargling regularly,

as well as taking full measures to

guard against sudden drops in

temperature in the morning and


Let’s do our best to live wisely,

making good health our top priority!

To My Friends

Let’s firmly establish ourselves
in the community and widely
cultivate friendships!
Trust is the greatest treasure.
Creating and spreading
warm human bonds is the
mission of a Buddhist!

To My Friends

Your efforts based on

faith will never go to waste.

Such struggles enable you

to cultivate strength,

character and trust.

To My Friends

When we encourage others,
boundless hope arises in
our own hearts.
Today, again, with undaunted
courage let’s go to those
who are suffering!

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