Four Mottoes for Good Health

1) DO AN INVIGORATING GONGYO Morning and evening gongyo create the victorious rhythm for living each day in harmony with the fundamental Law of the universe. 2) LEAD A BALANCED AND PRODUCTIVE LIFESTYLE “Buddhism is reason” (“The Hero of…

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To My Friends

Buddhism is an unparalleled
philosophy for achieving
victory in life.
Let’s boldly share the conviction
we have gained with our friends
and cheerfully carry out the two
ways of practice and study.

To My Friends

We have entered summer,
a season for undergoing
remarkable growth together.
Let’s start off with a refreshing
Let’s foster our treasured
Future Division(*) members with
prayers and encouragement
of the Soka family.

(*)Approx. age 6 through 18

To My Friends

Fostering capable individuals
ensures that the future of
kosen-rufu is solid.
Let’s send forth a fresh array
of Bodhisattvas of the Earth
from our community!
Let’s all pray together to
open the way forward!

To My Friends

Just be yourself.
Proudly share your
personal struggles to
overcome problems and
hardships–the drama of
challenging your human
Then you will inspire hope in

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