To My Friends

The examination on the philosophy
of Nichiren Buddhism sparks our
seeking spirit for truth.
The Daishonin encourages us to
“Exert yourself in the two ways
of practice and study.”(*)
Let’s study together and grow together,
and let’s all become winners in faith!

(*)”The True Aspect of All Phenomena,” WND I, p. 386


The Spirit to Serve Others by Brandon Nicholson

Growing up, Oakland Children’s Hospital was my second home. As a baby, I experienced the first of 22 ear infections, which required multiple surgeries. At age 2, I developed seizures after my mom and I…

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Life is a battle to win ultimate and unlimited freedom

Life is a battle to win ultimate and unlimited freedom. Faith in Buddhism allows us to use our karma and the sufferings of birth, aging, sickness and death as springboards…

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Polish Your “Inner Sword”

by Daisaku Ikeda Those who are determined to win in the end, no matter what, are strong. In the depths of our lives, we each possess a precious “jeweled sword”…

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The Courage to Rebuild

By Daisaku Ikeda (Originally Printed in the Japan Times on JUN 28, 2011)  “The journey of life is not smooth and unimpeded, but may be fraught with difficulties exceeding our worst…

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