Inheriting Invincible Faith by Tanya Henderson and Donna Greene

World Tribune: Thank you, Tanya and Donna, for sharing your experience with us on how you have developed a harmonious family across generations. Donna, how did you begin your Buddhist practice? Donna Greene: In 1974, I spent a…

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To My Friends

Take the greatest precaution
when driving in rainy weather.
Visibility is reduced and
there is danger of tire slippage.
Let’s absolutely keep from being
inattentive or careless and
remain free of accidents!

To My Friends

Youth division members,
make arduous efforts at sharing
Nichiren Buddhism with others!
Men and women’s division members,
work together and give them
wholehearted encouragement!
The unity of the Soka family is
the driving force for spreading

To My Friends

Determination must lead to action.
From the moment we say
to ourselves, “All right, I’ll do it!”
let’s commence dynamic action.
Don’t let chance slip by.

To My Friends

Today is a press holiday for the Seikyo Shimbun. Words of the Week was sent yesterday, Sun., June 14, 2015.


Human revolution begins by
meeting people.
Kosen-rufu begins by engaging
in dialogue.
Let’s enable as many friends
as possible become
part of our Soka family
and gain happiness.

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