To My Friends

Our friends’ happiness and

the growth and development

of our fellow members will be

determined by our firm, inner resolve

to help make it happen.

Let’s cultivate a solidarity

of “human revolution” through

our strong prayer and actions.


Writing My Own Script by Leo Matsuda

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To My Friends

If you call yourself a youth,
stand up with a bold and dauntless spirit
to shoulder full responsibility
for kosen-rufu!
Brim with great passion
and imagination and win
where you are right now!


Buddhist Concept: Faith is Found in Daily Life

The purpose of religion should be to enable people to lead happy, fulfilling lives. Buddhism exists for this very reason. While many tend to view Buddhism as a reclusive practice…

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To My Friends


I express my appreciation to those
of the farming and fishing communities!
Growing, raising and procuring food
to support and nurture life is
a sacred undertaking.
Champions of humanity, may your
efforts bear bountiful fruits of

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