“True Friendship is not a Relationship of Dependence but of Independence”

The bamboo groves of autumn are gorgeous. Each bamboo tree stands independently, growing straight and tall toward the sky. Yet in the ground, out of sight, the roots of each…

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To My Friends

Amidst your hectic daily life
is the opportunity to greatly
elevate your life condition.
Remember to chant daimoku
and boldly strive to accomplish
your human revolution!

To My Friends


The place we are now is the arena
for our human revolution!
Basing ourselves on the Buddhist
principle of “faith equals daily life,”
let’s advance along the sure path
of growth and development within
our family, at the workplace and
in the community.

To My Friends

A large typhoon has
landed [in Japan]!
Take precautions against
the severe storm including
destruction from mudslides.
Newspaper deliverers, please
make safety and remaining
free of accidents your
number one priority.


Hardship was K’ung-ming’s Teacher-October 10th World Tribune

To conclude this discussion, who do you suppose was the teacher of this person of unparalleled greatness known to us as K’ung-ming? I think it would be fitting to say…

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