To My Friends

We are in a season when
the air is dry.
Strictly guard against fires!
Don’t neglect basic precautionary
measures such as not allowing dust
to collect on electrical outlets and
using new kitchen appliances with


Discovering a Life of Appreciation and Joy by Marc Giannavola

A year ago, you could have described me as negative, standoffish and generally unhappy. Though I hadn’t experienced any serious hardships in life, I lacked appreciation for everything and everyone…

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Buddhist Compassion

Most of us can admit to being selfcentered at times—thinking first of ourselves and only then of others. Self-concern, of course, is an important part of living—we need to feed,…

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To My Friends

Let’s make time to read books,
despite our busy schedules.
Even five minutes a day is fine.
One who continues to study
and learn throughout life
is never deadlocked!


Strength, Dedication and Big-Heartedness-10/31 World Tribune

Strength, dedication and big-heartedness are the requirements of leaders and inspiring leadership, and these qualities are only going to be in greater demand from now on. SGI President Daisaku Ikeda…

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