To My Friends

Our SGI gatherings
brim with spiritual inspiration
and sparkle with humanity.
Let’s reach out and encourage
everyone’s participation.

To My Friends

Our dialogues reflect
the power of encouragement,
the light of hope
and the fresh breeze of
Let’s go among our friends
with undaunted courage.

To My Friends

The Daishonin states,
“People can definitely attain their goal,
if they are of one mind.(*)
Unity will increase our strength
by twofold.
Let’s unite our hearts as one
and advance toward
kosen-rufu and life’s
lofty purpose.

(*)”Many in Body, One in Mind,” (WND-1, 618)

To My Friends

To the “youthful lions”
of the Soka-han and Gajo-kai(*)
volunteer support groups
who have risen up to shoulder
the new era!
Now is the time to challenge yourselves
to surmount walls of looming obstacles!
Record a history of victories during
the springtime of your youth!

(*)Soka-han: young men’s traffic and safety group
Gajo-kai: young men’s activity center security group

To My Friends

January 13, 2016

A severe cold spell continues.
Bundle up and fully protect
yourself from the frigid weather
and make a habit of gargling
and washing your hands to
prevent catching a cold.
Pray strongly and powerfully
to maintain robust health!

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