To My Friends

I express my appreciation
to the volunteer staff who
take pride in their unseen
efforts in their support of
of the rebroadcast meeting.
I ask that you take the best
care of your health and ensure
that everything runs smoothly
and is accident-free.

To My Friends

Let’s make every effort
to ensure everyone
becomes happy.
Strong faith will enable
boundless wisdom and
courage to well forth
from within.
Do not forget this prime point.


Finding Happiness in Your Work

We each have a unique mission that only we can fulfill. But that doesn’t mean you should simply wait for someone to tell you what yours is, doing nothing until…

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To My Friends

Boldly challenge your weaknesses.
It is when you break through
walls of obstacles that you
can truly develop.
Always strive to progress and
improve in life!

To My Friends

Our Buddhist practice is for
the sake of winning.
“Vow” equals “human revolution.”
“Action” equals “transforming karma.”
Let’s brim with the great founding spirit
and each chronicle our own
golden history of kosen-rufu!

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