To My Friends

The weather is unpredictable
at this time of the year with
temperatures fluctuating widely.
Please take the best care of your health!
Every day, advance along the great path
of kosen-rufu buoyantly and youthfully
while making good health a priority!

To My Friends

Words of the Week

The transformation of our
communities and society begins with
the courageous efforts of the
SGI men and young men.
“Discard the shallow and seek the profound”
and brim with the spirit of
“a person of courage”!(*)
Let’s make progress and advance
with the indestructible bond of the
SGI men and young men’s division.

(*)”The Selection of the Time,” WND I p. 558

To My Friends

If you fall, just stand back up
and keep going.
Then you are a true victor.
No matter what happens,
don’t be defeated in life!

To My Friends

The struggles we undergo for
the sake of kosen-rufu will all
become fortune that adorns our lives.
Remember, “Where there is
unseen virtue, there is visible reward.”(*)
Whether anyone is watching or not,
let’s cheerfully go forth and
stay true to our vow.

(*)”Unseen Virtue and Visible Reward,” WND I p. 907

To My Friends

The small things matter.
Let’s respond swiftly when
receiving reports or requests
for guidance and advice.
The accumulation of such
efforts will become the
driving force for phenomenal

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