To My Friends

Let’s share personal experiences
of practicing Nichiren Buddhism
with one another and
“rejoice in hearing the voice of
someone else rejoice in the hearing.(*)
One person’s actual proof of victory
is the wellspring of courage for all.

(*)”Expedient Means and Life Span Chapters,” WND-1, 68

To My Friends

Courageous and tenacious actions
will open the way to kosen-rufu!
Young people who are challenging
yourselves to engage in Buddhist dialogue–
break through the walls of cowardice
and write a history of your personal victories!

To My Friends

Our districts are the “mother port”
for kosen-rufu.
Let’s invite friends and hold lively
discussion meetings that herald
a fresh voyage in the Year of
Brilliant Achievement!
Reveling in “what a joy it is,”(*)
let’s joyously and courageously
share Nichiren Buddhism with others!

(*)”Letter to Niike,” WND 1, p. 1026

To My Friends

Let’s meet with friends and
engage them in conversation!
It is through dialogue that
people are able to greatly
develop themselves.
With our lives brimming with
vibrant enthusiasm, let’s
bring “flowers of friendship”
to bloom in abundant profusion!

To My Friends

Let’s lend our support to the
Future Division members(*)!
Let’s provide encouragement
that brings smiles to the faces
of these these precious children!
Let’s lighten their hearts and
infuse them with confidence!

(*)Young people approximately 6 to 18 years old.

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