To My Friends

In summer, accidents tend to
increase in frequency.
Take precautions to prevent
drowning and other tragic accidents.
When driving, make safety your
priority and don’t overtax yourself
by driving too long without a break.
With strong prayer, let’s absolutely
keep from being careless or cavalier.

To My Friends

Let’s start off today with
resonant gongyo and daimoku!
Let’s lead a sound, rhythmical
daily life while manifesting
vibrant life force and wisdom!


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To My Friends

To students who are facing
a decisive summer as they
study for their school and
university entrance exams(*)–
Your efforts will definitely bear fruit.
Aim for the final victory and
do your best today!

(*)In Japan, students take exams to enter the next level of school (elementary to junior high, junior high to high school, high school to college or university) and the summer before their exams is considered a crucial time to prepare.

To My Friends

The bonds of trust we forge
are our life’s treasures.
Let’s continue to share Nichiren
Buddhism with friends old and new,
helping them to create fresh ties
with Buddhism!

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