To My Friends

Leaders should first go where
the members are experiencing
the most difficulty.
The path to kosen-rufu will open
when leaders take time to go visit
fellow members and provide

To My Friends

Let’s take to heart the
Daishonin’s words,
“This is my vow, and I
will never forsake it!”(*)
Those who carry out their vow
throughout their lifetime
are the true victors!
Let’s lead lives brimming
with adventure and drama!

(*)”Opening of the Eyes, Part Two,” WND I p. 281

To My Friends

Swift response is the key to
expanding kosen-rufu.
Let’s endeavor to report and
convey information swiftly!
Let’s advance with the strong
resolve to absolutely achieve
our goals.

To My Friends

A heart of appreciation
enriches one’s life.
Youth, excel at appreciating
and caring for your parents!
Let’s remember the debt we
owe them, devoting our
lives to their happiness as
good sons and daughters.

To My Friends

The Daishonin states,
“One who has fallen to the ground
recovers and rises up from the ground.”(*)
Buddhism teaches the principle of
“changing poison to medicine”(**).
Hardships are golden opportunities to
develop and grow.
Let’s boldly lead undefeated lives.

(*)”The Proof of the Lotus Sutra,” (WND I, p. 1108)

(**) The principle that earthly desires and suffering can be transformed into benefit and enlightenment by virtue of the power of the Law.

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