Peaceful does not mean a state of life free of toil and suffering.

Peaceful does not mean a state of life free of toil and suffering. Rather it means living without being swayed and without worries, no matter what happens. This is a state of true peace and happiness. -Daisaku Ikeda…

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To My Friends

Every person is an irreplaceable
and invaluable “treasure tower.”(*)
When we engage in sincere dialogue
with the voice of conviction, we
can awaken the Buddha nature
in others.
Let’s ensure our communities
flourish with capable individuals.

(*)”Abutsu-bo is … the treasure tower itself, and the treasure tower is Abutsu-bo himself. No other knowledge is purposeful.” (WND-1, 299)

To My Friends

Let’s send forth fresh, capable
individuals from our district.
Begin everything you set out to do
with decisive prayer.
Then you can definitely tear down
the walls of obstacles standing in
your way.

To My Friends

Where there is hope,
the sun of victory rises!
Challenge all adversity with
indomitable optimism and
valiantly open the way forward.


The Power of Bodhisattvas of the Earth-10/3 World Tribune

The power of Bodhisattvas of the Earth is not the power of authority, or wealth or educational background, but the true and essential power of human beings. It is the ultimate power of life. – Daisaku Ikeda from…

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