To My Friends

Our friends who are challenging
the entry-level examination on
Nichiren Buddhism are all cherished,
capable individuals.
Let’s lend them our heartfelt support
until the very end!
Everything one studies and learns in earnest
will shine as one’s lifetime treasures.

To My Friends

Alacrity is the force for victory!
I ask all of you, respectworthy
leaders, to take excellent
leadership with swift, courageous
actions that shine in the
annals of history.

To My Friends

It is thanks to the dedicated struggles
of all our fellow members that
the SGI has achieved dynamic development
and great victory!
Nichiren stated, “The ‘great vow’ refers to
the propagation of the Lotus Sutra.”(*)
Together, let’s lead lives of fortune and benefit
that opens the way to the new era of worldwide

(*)OTT 82

To My Friends

The Soka Gakkai is the pillar of Japan,
the light of hope of youth and
the current of world peace.
Come, let’s brim with the founding
spirit and make a fresh departure!


Happiness isn’t Given to Us-November 21st World Tribune

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