The Gateway to Happiness by Sue Kuan

Sue Kuan, of Millbrae, Calif., uses her faith to create value from tragedy. World Tribune: Thank you for sharing your experience with us! What was life like in Taiwan? Sue Kuan: I worked at a bank while my…

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To My Friends

Kosen-rufu is the development
of capable individuals.
Goals should be clear-cut
and prayers, concrete.
Let’s vibrantly share our
personal experiences of
practicing Nichiren Buddhism!

To My Friends

Capable individuals who shoulder
the next generation will be fostered
amidst real-life efforts.
Let’s pray and take action together
to create a solidarity in our
respective communities that
shines brilliantly with future

To My Friends

It is your hope and passion
that will launch the new era.
Challenge your problems
with vibrant resolve!
Live with the eternal spirit
of youth!

To My Friends

When we chant daimoku with the power of a roaring lion,
we are invincible.
As the Daishonin strongly admonishes,
“What sickness can therefore be an obstacle?”(*)
Burn with strong resolve for kosen-rufu and
absolutely prevail over the “devil” of illness!

(*)”Reply to Kyo’o,” WND I, p. 412

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