To My Friends

The direct path to victory in life
is the two ways of practice and study.
Even a line or excerpt is fine.
Amidst our SGI activities every day,
let’s read Nichiren Daishonin’s writings
in earnest.

To My Friends

I express my appreciation to
the volunteer staff who support
the rebroadcast of the monthly
headquarters leaders meetings.
Their smooth and accident-free
operations will accelerate the
momentum of kosen-rufu.
Your noble, laborious efforts will
ensure that your lives shine radiantly
with abounding benefits!

To My Friends

“faith equals daily life.”
Let’s achieve decisive victory
at our workplace,
the arena of our mission.
Creating such foundation
entails sincerity and effort.

To My Friends

Leaders of the future,
young men undergoing training
in the Soka-han and Gajo-kai(*)
volunteer support groups!
Do you best to challenge yourselves!
Arduous struggles are our
lifetime treasures.
I ask you seniors in faith to
lend them your wholehearted
support and encouragement!

(*)Soka-han: young men’s traffic and safety group
Gajo-kai: young men’s activity center security group


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