To My Friends

It is a time of extreme
fluctuations in temperature.
Let’s make a habit of gargling
and washing our hands regularly,
as well as eating in moderation
and getting good sleep.
Health is achieved through effort.

To My Friends

The Mystic Law is a highly effective medicine for our lives.
As the Daishonin strongly admonishes, “What sickness can therefore be an obstacle?”(*)
Chanting daimoku with the conviction and force of a roaring lion, resolve to absolutely prevail over the “devil” of illness!

(*)”Reply to Kyo’o,” WND I, p. 412


Resolve to be the Sun

Resolve to be the sun. This is the first thing you must do. As long as you are the sun, no matter what problems you may be facing now, the…

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To My Friends

Prayers for the happiness of
friends arise from the same
life condition of a Buddha.
Let’s ceaselessly and tenaciously
share the unsurpassed philosophy
of Nichiren Buddhism.
Together, let’s construct a magnificent
palace of life.

To My Friends

Our organizational newspaper
conveys a philosophy of hope
to our community and society.
I express my deepest respect and
appreciation to our fellow members
who are dedicating themselves to
increase its readership, beginning
with the respectworthy leaders
in charge of its promotion.

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