Buddhist in America-Jimmy Anicet

As a child, Jimmy Anicet was nicknamed “the mute,” as he struggled to find the confidence to speak out, especially for what he believed in. In this video, Jimmy, of Boston, shares how his Buddhist practice helped him…

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To My Friends

The power of the Mystic Law is boundless!
Remember, “No prayer will go unanswered.”(*)
There is no wall that cannot be surmounted.
Let’s advance with unwavering conviction.

(*)”If you have faith in this Gohonzon and chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo even for a short while, no prayer will go unanswered, no offense will remain unforgiven, all good fortune will be bestowed, and all righteousness proven .” (Commentary on “The True Object
of Worship” by Nichikan Shonin)

To My Friends

If we speak with sincerity,
we can definitely communicate
heart to heart.
Trust shines when conversations
are honest and true.
Come, let’s go among the people!


Inheriting Invincible Faith by Tanya Henderson and Donna Greene

World Tribune: Thank you, Tanya and Donna, for sharing your experience with us on how you have developed a harmonious family across generations. Donna, how did you begin your Buddhist practice? Donna Greene: In 1974, I spent a…

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To My Friends

Take the greatest precaution
when driving in rainy weather.
Visibility is reduced and
there is danger of tire slippage.
Let’s absolutely keep from being
inattentive or careless and
remain free of accidents!

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