To My Friends

People are cultivated and
polished into diamonds
as they engage themselves
and interact with other people.
Our everyday activities in
the SGI serve as the grand
arena for our personal
Let’s charge forth with
an indomitable spirit!

To My Friends

Take precautions to prevent
catching cold or succumbing
to influenza!
Take concrete measures, such
as washing your hands and gargling,
ensuring good ventilation and
using a humidifier when necessary.
Be a person of wisdom who places
priority on good health!


Revolution in You-Music Video

“Revolution in You” is SGI-USA’s anthem for the abolition of nuclear weapons. “Let us abandon the habit of studiously ignoring the menace posed to Earth by nuclear weapons and instead demonstrate – clearly and through the power of…

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To My Friends

“Treasure those in the shadows.”
This is the spirit of the SGI.
Let’s thank our dedicated
fellow members who continue
to quietly take action
[behind the scenes].
Let’s express our wholehearted

To My Friends

The true stage of world kosen-rufu
is where you happen to be right now.
Let’s spread encouragement and
dialogue and end this year
in great victory!

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