To My Friends

Faith has the power to enable
each person to brilliantly manifest
his or her uniqueness.
With strong prayer as our foundation,
let’s vibrantly bring to blossom
our mission in life!

To My Friends

Anything created simply with
little effort is easily destroyed.
Step by step, let’s steadily
create an indestructible
foundation, advancing forth
like flowing water.

To My Friends

Let’s advance, united in heart,
as we place the finishing
touches to this year!
Let’s aim for 2016
with goals brimming
with determination
and together create
a proud history!

To My Friends

Our districts are the

home port of kosen-rufu!

Let’s send out waves of

brilliant, capable people

from our communities

and play out fresh dramas

of human revolution!

To My Friends

Those with tenacity of purpose

will win in the end.

There is no need to be anxious

or in haste.

Cultivate a steel-like self

with effort and patience.

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