To My Friends

One’s future is determined
by the strength of one’s volition
and fortitude.
Set your goal and pray with the
attitude, “Yes, I will do it!”
Then boundless courage will
arise from within.

To My Friends

Faith equals action, and
action equals success.
Let’s persist in taking initiative
with alacrity, not allowing
precious time to slip by.
Let’s spend each day creating

To My Friends

What can we do to light a flame
of hope in the hearts of friends
who are undergoing hardship?
Let’s continue to pray earnestly
for them!
Be leaders of great sincerity and
empathy who can share the pain
and suffering of each person.

To My Friends

Let’s wholeheartedly encourage those
who are challenging the study exam
[on Nichiren Buddhism and the
history of Soka Gakkai]!
[The Daishonin admonishes:]
You must not only persevere yourself;
you must also teach others.(*)
Together, let’s “exert [ourselves] in the
two ways of practice and study”(*)!

(*)”The True Aspect of All Phenomena,” WND-I, p. 386

To My Friends

Take utmost precautions against
the extremely strong typhoon(*)!
Don’t let down your guard and take
utmost precautions to protect against
violent gales, downpours and high tides.
Don’t forget to exercise “your usual prudence”(**)
and make safety and remaining accident-free
a number one priority!

(*)Japan is being battered by tropical storm Typhoon Talim.

(**)”The Strategy of the Lotus Sutra,” WND p. 1000 (“It is a matter of rejoicing that your usual prudence and courage, as well as your firm faith in the Lotus Sutra, enabled you to survive unharmed.”)

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