To My Friends

The Daishonin’s golden words:
“My wish is that all my disciples
make a great vow.”(*)
Let’s challenge ourselves each day
to advance straightforwardly along the
path of our vow so that at the end of
the day, we are able to declare with
confidence, “I have won!”

(*)”The Dragon Gate,” WND I p. 1003

To My Friends

The Daishonin admonishes us to:
“Employ the strategy of the
Lotus Sutra before any other.”(*)
Those who continue to chant daimoku
are never deadlocked.
Let’s challenge everything with faith!

(*)”The Strategy of the Lotus Sutra,” WND I, p. 1001

To My Friends

I express my greatest respect
and appreciation to the men’s
and women’s group leaders for
your strenuous efforts!
Be good examples of leaders
who inspire and encourage
our fellow members through
steady prayer and action.

To My Friends

Nichiren Daishonin admonishes,
“You should respect one another
as [you would a Buddha]”(*)
Let’s wholeheartedly praise one
another for our valiant struggles!
Together, let’s commence a grand
and joyous march!

(*)”The Fourteen Slanders,” (WND-I, p. 757)

To My Friends

We can chant daimoku.
We brim with the shared
commitment of mentor
and disciple.
We are united.
Come, let’s advance with the spirit
of many in body and one in mind
without fear, together with
our treasured friends.

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