To My Friends

Find those who are making
steady, strenuous efforts
behind the scenes and
shower them with praise!
A leader’s thoughtful consideration
will inspire others to manifest
their strength.

To My Friends

Become a person who challenges any
and all adversity with great optimism!
Dedicating yourself to human revolution with
the indomitable spirit to never be defeated
is the noble path for happiness and victory in life.


“Create a Towering Self”

“By fighting to overcome great difficulties, we can thoroughly polish our lives and create a towering self. Therein lies true peace and happiness.” -Daisaku Ikeda   From The Wisdom of the Lotus Sutra Volume 3, page 189 Wisdom…

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To My Friends

Kosen-rufu is the the act of
creating “a society that encourages
and inspires.”
Let’s go visit our members, lending
them our ear and giving encouragement
that creates heart-to-heart connections.
Steady efforts are the force for victory.


A Mission of the Heart by Jay Lutsky

For years, I struggled with understanding my mission in life. I was raised Jewish in New York City, where there was strong familial pressure to become a doctor or dentist. Without too much resistance, I went to dental school…

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