Writing My Own Script by Leo Matsuda

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Buddhist Concept: Faith is Found in Daily Life

The purpose of religion should be to enable people to lead happy, fulfilling lives. Buddhism exists for this very reason. While many tend to view Buddhism as a reclusive practice…

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Student Division

Hardship can be our Teacher

The semester has begun, and many students have cracked open new textbooks, opened boxes of pens and put the finishing touches on dorm rooms. It’s an exciting time on college…

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Real Life. Question: I Can’t Wake Up in the Morning!

Real Life: Question: I Can’t Wake Up in the Morning! Answer: Philosophers from Aristotle to Benjamin Franklin have touted the importance of rising early as the key to success. The SGI…

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To My Friends

Let’s send forth fresh, capable
individuals from our district.
Begin everything you set out to do
with decisive prayer.
Then you can definitely tear down
the walls of obstacles standing in
your way.

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