To My Friends

Let’s rid the world of misery
and create happiness for
oneself and others!
That is kosen-rufu.
Let’s spread a solidarity of
peace and happiness from
the place closest to us–
our very neighborhoods.

To My Friends

Our home is the best place to share
and pass on our faith and practice.
Every day, let’s do gongyo as a family
and endeavor to develop our lives.

To My Friends

Always keep promises.
Don’t be late.
Sincere actions build
deep trust.
Excel in people’s diplomacy!

To My Friends

Challenge yourself to tackle
even disciplines and fields
that you are weak in.
That one courageous step
will transform your life.
Always aim to develop yourself
ever more!


Redesigned World Tribune: The New Voice of Courage and Hope

Thanks to the efforts of SGI-USA members around the country, the World Tribune surpassed 50,000 subscribers last year in its 50th-anniversary year. In this Year of Dynamic Development in the New Era of Worldwide Kosen-rufu, the World Tribune…

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