Finding Happiness in Your Work

We each have a unique mission that only we can fulfill. But that doesn’t mean you should simply wait for someone to tell you what yours is, doing nothing until…

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To My Friends

Boldly challenge your weaknesses.
It is when you break through
walls of obstacles that you
can truly develop.
Always strive to progress and
improve in life!


“Making Mistakes Does Not Signal Failure”-November 14th World Tribune

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To My Friends

Discussion meetings where
everyone is the protagonist
will serve as the driving force
for the advance of kosen-rufu.
Let’s engage in hope-filled dialogue
with new members and friends!
It’s time to make a new departure
with fresh resolve!

To My Friends

Nichiren Buddhism is a philosophy
of encouragement with deep
insight into human nature and life.
Let’s continue to share our conviction
of faith through the Daishonin’s
writings and our personal experiences
of practicing his Buddhism.

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