To My Friends

Make the impossible possible!
That is the strategy of the Lotus Sutra.
Ever-victorious Kansai, looked up to
with admiration by people worldwide–
stand up with indomitable faith!
Advance along the great path of
the shared commitment of the
oneness of mentor and disciple!

To My Friends

Spring, the season when we
brim with vitality and enthusiasm,
is truly upon us!
Carrying out our great vow
will create a great history.
Let’s make a fresh start
with youthful vitality
and radiant hope!

To My Friends

The Daishonin encourages us to
“strive ever harder in faith(*).”
The Buddhas and heavenly deities
will be roused to action through
our indomitable prayer and efforts.
With a tenacity of purpose and
unity based on a kindred spirit,
let’s bring to bloom
cherry blossoms of Soka
in rampant profusion!

(*)”Letter to Niike,” WND I p. 1027

To My Friends

Cultivating fresh horizons for kosen-rufu
is the mission of my friends of Hokkaido
who share profound ties with the
three founding presidents.(*)
Let’s courageously spread people’s connection
to Nichiren Buddhism, ablaze with the spirit
and momentum of a charging lion!
Adorn spring with a profusion of benefits!

(*)Hokkaido has strong historical ties to the first three presidents.

To My Friends

To our fellow members of great Kyushu(*)
who brim with the shared vow of
mentor and disciple!
I ask you to stand boldly in the vanguard
with the heroic roar of a lion!
May the “land of fire” of Japanese legend
reverberate with your jubilant cheers!

(*) the southernmost of Japan’s four main islands

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