To My Friends

Fresh, capable individuals and their efforts
are the strength for future development.
Together with our new fellow members,
let’s take on the challenge of widely
expanding Buddhist dialogue.
From there, joy spreads.

To My Friends

Your arduous, unseen efforts
will create an indestructible foundation.
With sound judgment and perseverance,
advance ceaselessly like flowing water!

To My Friends

The Daishonin admonishes,
“You must strengthen [your faith]
more than ever.”(*)
Let’s break through apathy and inertia!
The passion that burns in our hearts
is the driving force that will propel
a significant leap forward!

(*)”The Supremacy of the Law,” WND I, p. 612

To My Friends

The weather is unpredictable
at this time of the year with
temperatures fluctuating widely.
Please take the best care of your health!
Every day, advance along the great path
of kosen-rufu buoyantly and youthfully
while making good health a priority!

To My Friends

Words of the Week

The transformation of our
communities and society begins with
the courageous efforts of the
SGI men and young men.
“Discard the shallow and seek the profound”
and brim with the spirit of
“a person of courage”!(*)
Let’s make progress and advance
with the indestructible bond of the
SGI men and young men’s division.

(*)”The Selection of the Time,” WND I p. 558

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