To My Friends

The SGI is the ultimate
gathering of good friends.
As treasured friends,
let’s encourage and inspire
one another and advance!
Together, let’s walk the great
path of happiness!

To My Friends

Let’s use bitter struggles as a
springboard for development and
change karma into mission!
Nichiren Buddhism enables us to
transform everything into
positive value.
Let’s advance cheerfully!

To My Friends

Let’s create a sound rhythm in life,
beginning with reciting gongyo
and chanting daimoku
every morning and evening.
Let’s ensure that each day
we lead lives of satisfaction
and fulfillment, brimming with
powerful life force.

To My Friends

Aim to be the most wonderful and
outstanding self that you can be
and unremittingly continue your ascent!
Faith means having the heart of challenge,
to be fearless, and to take action toward
your personal growth and development.


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