To My Friends

Those who uphold justice
are strong.
Those who can smile
will be undefeated.
No matter what happens,
surmount the billowing
waves with indomitable

To My Friends

When vice leaders–those
in supporting roles–stand
up with courage, the speed
and momentum with which
we progress will accelerate!
Together with those taking
central roles, let’s all unite
our hearts as one and create
a fresh history of kosen-rufu!

To My Friends

A leader’s initiative is the
key to all our activities.
First, take action yourself!
Share your challenges and
personal experience of
practicing Nichiren Buddhism
with passion and enthusiasm!

To My Friends

Everyone’s spirits are
uplifted by the dynamic
momentum of the young
men and women of the
youth division!
Courage and hope is spreading!
With hearts abound with the
great dream of kosen-rufu,
let’s pave the way toward


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