To My Friends

Let’s give cheerful and vibrant year-end
and new year greetings!
“The seeds of Buddhahood
sprout through causation.”(*)
Let’s nurture and expand friendship
and the connections to Buddhism
we have fostered with our neighbors,
friends and relatives.

(*)”On the Properties of Rice,” WND 1, p. 1117

To My Friends

On a regular basis, let’s remember
to express our appreciation to
our neighbors and colleagues at the
workplace to whom we are indebted.
Our sincere actions will strengthen
bonds of trust.


To My Friends

[The Orally Transmitted Teachings states]
“‘Joy’ means that oneself and others
together experience joy.”(*)
Let’s wholeheartedly applaud and congratulate
one another for our valiant efforts!
Therein lies joy and fortune!

(*)Refers to “joy” [in the passage “the benefits of responding with joy” (OTT, 146)


To My Friends

The key to fostering capable
individuals lies in continuation.
Let’s continue to believe in people’s
potential, and pray for them and
encourage them patiently, tirelessly
and cheerfully!


To My Friends

“Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is the
greatest of all joys.”(*)
Daimoku is the wellspring of hope!
Today, too, let’s create value while
chanting and spreading the Mystic Law.

(*)The Orally Transmitted Teachings, p. 212


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