To My Friends

When we dedicate our lives to the Mystic Law,
we are able to develop an indestructible
life condition that is unswayed by difficulties.
Together, let’s lead lives brimming with
“eternity, happiness, true self and purity”!

To My Friends

Influenza is rampant!
Rigorously observe preventative
measures such as washing your
hands, gargling, wearing surgical
masks(*), using a humidifier and
drinking plenty of liquids.
Let’s take the best care of our health!

(*)In Japan and some other densely populated Asian countries, it is
social etiquette to wear a surgical mask when one has a cold or flu to
prevent spreading the virus.

To My Friends

The general meetings of
the “sisters of the Kayokai(*),”
redolent with hopes and dreams,
herald the coming of spring.
“[‘Joy’ means that] oneself and
others together experience joy.”(**)
Let’s illuminate society and the future
with the light of friendship and

(*)Kayokai is a young women’s training group throughout the SGI. In Japan, the young women are holding commemorative meetings in January.
(**)Refers to “joy” [in the passage “the benefits of responding with joy” (OTT, 146)

To My Friends

With society undergoing continuous
change and transformation,
cherish the opinions of women and
give full play to the ideas of youth!
This is the SGI tradition that enables
us to grow and develop eternally.

To My Friends

Remember, “The treasures of the heart
are the most valuable of all.”(*)
We, who walk the path of kosen-rufu,
are the world’s foremost millionaires
of the heart!
Let our voice of conviction resound
with vibrance and cheer!

(*)”Treasures of the Heart,” WND I, p. 851

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