To My Friends

When one lives for the sake
of kosen-rufu, there is no
Transform every experience
into something meaningful!
With staunch optimism, let a
new sun arise in your heart!

To My Friends

Aiming for November 18, the proud
anniversary of Soka Gakkai’s founding,
let’s all refresh our resolve and
make remarkable progress toward
the expansion of kosen-rufu!
Let’s make new friends and open wide
a new era!

To My Friends

The “pillars of Japan” have won.
Let’s give a hurrah for everyone’s
great, noble efforts!
The principle of “myo-no-shoran”(*)
(literally, “the Mystic Law is our witness”)
is indisputably at play.
Brimming with fortune and a strong connection
to Nichiren Buddhism, let’s advance proudly
with our heads held high!

(*)all our dedicated efforts are observed by the Buddhas and bodhisattvas throughout the universe


To My Friends

Our struggles for the sake of kosen-rufu
will all remain etched in the “memory of
[our] present life in this human world”(*)
and create great fortune and benefit that
adorn our lives.
Together, let’s create an epic history
toward the glorious anniversary of
Soka Gakkai’s founding!

(*)”Questions and Answers about Embracing the Lotus Sutra,” WND I, p. 64

To My Friends

The Daishonin declared,
“I entrust you with the propagation of
Buddhism in your province.”(*)
Let’s achieve a great milestone for
kosen-rufu in our place of mission
with tenacious prayer and a
challenging spirit!

(*)”The Properties of Rice,” WND I, p. 1117

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