Nichiren's Writings

Nichiren Daishonin wrote numerous philosophical treatises and letters of encouragement to his followers. Some of these writings are scholarly, involving doctrine; others are simpler in tone. He presented his thoughts in a variety of ways to recipients from various walks of life: from nobility to peasant farmers to various government officials and Buddhist priests.

Some of the common themes in his writings pertain to the supremacy of the Lotus Sutra, the inherent nature of Buddhahood and the importance of courage and perseverance when encountering obstacles. In many writings, Nichiren expresses gratitude to the disciples who supported him in difficult times. And when his disciples suffered, he never hesitated to provide them with the encouragement they needed most.

Through Nichiren's writings to his disciples, we can see how he lived and cared for others, and we can gain insight into how to live our lives as disciples in the same spirit as Nichiren.