Campus Club Activity Focus

The activity focus for campus clubs are to (1) introduce students to Nichiren Buddhism as practiced by the Soka Gakkai International-USA (SGI-USA) and (2) create activities that deepen faith and can be enjoyed by all members of the youth division, with the full support of the district, chapter or area in close proximity to the campus.

Adopting Campus Clubs

Because campus clubs are affiliates or “ambassadors” of the SGI-USA, we would like to ask the local four-divisional line leadership to function as the clubs’ official support organization. Where possible, an appropriate SGI-USA district, chapter or area in close proximity to each college or university with a campus club may adopt the club and offer continuous four-divisional support. Local SGI-USA organizations that wish to adopt a campus club should coordinate with their respective region leaders. Support can be provided to adopted campus clubs through the following activities:

Home visiting student division members and sharing information about upcoming district activities;

Maintaining Membership Information Cards for all student division members and making sure each of them belongs to a district. Students attending a school away from home should be encouraged to transfer their Membership Information Cards from their former home district to their new district and keep them there until they graduate or transfer to a different school. This will facilitate better member care for the students in their new place of residence.

Supporting campus clubs in their efforts to plan and carry out activities.

Establishing Clubs

All student division members wishing to establish a campus club should visit their school’s Student Affairs office to learn the requirements for starting and maintaining a club. Campus clubs must follow university rules and guidelines at all times. Please find included in this Leadership Manual a sample SGI-USA Campus Club Constitution. All clubs must adopt this constitution or adapt their current constitution to meet the standards of the SGI-USA Campus Club Constitution as closely as possible. Any campus clubs that host Web sites should have them linked to the official SGI-USA Web site. In addition, club Web sites should feature content that is consistent with SGI-USA standards.

Club Leadership Guidelines

In order to ensure that campus club activities are conducted in a manner consistent with the practice of Nichiren Buddhism in the SGI-USA, club presidents should observe the following leadership guidelines:

Presidents should be actively practicing in a local district and should have a leadership position within the line youth organization;

Presidents should seek out the support/advisory role of the local four-divisional leadership in planning and carrying out campus club activities.

Campus club presidents must turn in an SGI-USA Leadership Application from the region or zone student division leaders for all candidates for club office. All applications must be reviewed and approved by the SGI-USA region personnel committee before elections are held.

Campus Club Activities

The purpose of campus club activities is to support the faith of student division members and share Nichiren Buddhism as practiced within the SGI-USA. Students should feel free to utilize their creativity as they plan activities that may include introductory meetings, seminars, lectures, etc.

New resources are currently being developed to support campus club activities. In the near future, please visit the student division page of the SGI-USA Web site and look for the divisional activities link.

As activities are planned and carried out, students should seek out the support of the four-divisional line organization that has adopted the campus club. As a final step for each activity, club presidents should communicate a summary of their activity to the region youth leaders and zone student division leaders.

For more information, contact your local SGI-USA student division leaders.