The Way of Youth: Buddhist Common Sense for Handling Life's Questions

"Youth has limitless potential. It is alive with boundless hope, burning passion and an overflowing desire for self-improvement. The youthful strength of the next generation is the infinite treasure of all humanity." (The New Human Revolution, vol. 9, p. 85)

"Many of the world's leaders discovered the philosophy by which they would live, their beliefs, and their conviction in their teens and twenties, and then went on to accomplish great things in their thirties and forties by living true to their convictions. Building the framework for our lives in our youth and then striving to fill it in is the sure way to live. I therefore hope that all of you will exert yourselves in faith, chant daimoku in earnest, and make Buddhism—the supreme philosophy of life—the basis of your being." (The New Human Revolution, vol. 9, p. 94)