Sophia Group of the Second Act

Since 1990, thanks to the dedicated efforts of thousands of women across the country, Sophia Group has flourished, enabling countless women to grow and develop into capable leaders of the 21st century.  It is a source of great pride that so many leaders have been raised through participating in Sophia Group.  The continuing mission of all Sophia sisters is to infuse into their districts a passion for study through sharing the joy and benefit one can derive from study.         

Now, in the Second Act of Worldwide kosen-rufu, we would like to revisit the original purpose of President Ikeda’s establishment of Sophia Group:

  • Leadership development
  • to serve as an aid to recent graduates from the YWD transitioning into the women’s division   

There are three focuses:

  1. To understand the history of the SGI and the significance of the district discussion meeting;
  2. To deepen one’s understanding of the oneness of mentor and disciple; and
  3. To infuse the spirit of the first two into the district discussion meetings.

In keeping with the original spirit of Sophia Group, we would like to redefine the guidelines for participation.

Starting in January 2010, Sophia Group will have a term limit of two years for all members, including facilitators.  The material for all Sophia Groups will be The Human Revolution, exclusively. 

In January of every even year, 2010, 2012, 2014, etc., a new term will start with a new group of women, members and facilitators alike. 

Women who have previously participated in Sophia Group are eligible to join a two year term of Sophia Group beginning in January 2010.

Facilitators should be appointed by the appropriate level (region or area) of women leaders, and no prior Sophia experience is necessary.

All existing Sophia Groups may complete their present rotation and finish their current curriculum during the calendar year of 2009.  New Sophia Groups of the Second Act will begin together in January 2010.

It is our hope that throughout her Sophia Group term, and after completion of it, each woman will infuse her district with the benefit of her experience, helping to generate the most exciting discussion meetings based on faith and study.